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We are Hiring

At MECHIT, we're constantly looking for creative, skilled, energetic and enthusiastic people to join our expanding team. MECHIT's utmost priority is to create a satisfying long term business relationship with its customers. Spark a revolution. Write code that changes lives. Deliver a million-dollar project just in time to attend a party. Nobody at MECHIT struggles to strike a work-life balance. The two blend seamlessly into each other, bound by passion. All work and no play?Look elsewhere.

We are always on the look out for energetic and talented candidates with technical capabilities, analytical skills and the right credentials, whose professional ambitions are in sync with our goals. Infinity is open to people with a strong sense of responsibility and a slightly above average level of mental agility and adaptability, driven by the zeal to learn. Our selection criteria ensure that you have it all in you before you join us.

To Apply
Send Your Resume At :
Call For Appointment On : (+91) 97-6426-2020


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