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MECHIT e-School

MECHIT e-School Management System Suite allows you to store, modify and retrieve information using the pull down menus masters, admission, information, examination, promotion, fee management, financial accounting, time table, staff & payroll, library management Software, inventory software, transport and other utilities.

 e-school Management System Suite is windows based campus management software.
 Provides Password facility for different users to ensure high level of security.
 Has inbuilt database back up facility for safety and reliability.
 It is completely user friendly school management software.
 e-school Management System Suite automatically updates the database during promotion.
 It automates the fee management process completely.
 The complex task of Report card generation is an easy work using e-school System Suite.

Benefits For Students
Students get a new platform not only to gain but also to express the knowledge base inside them. The simplified and effective way to of joint efforts of learning will give them a great ground to run in up to the limits of their will power. Tools like articles and online exams do provide them a new deal of learning and perfection.
 Real life exposure for better learning.
 Publish articles to share experience, knowledge and views.
 Manage school online news magazine.

Benefits For Teachers
Realizing that a student teacher relationship is the most important relationship in education, School ERP software Suite tries to give them a new media of interaction. This new media leaves behind the limitation of time management and set curriculums. Irrespective of the course curriculum teachers have School ERP Suite to share there best with their students using articles, online exams and forums.
 Complete attendance automation.
 Complete marks / grade management system.
 Publish online exams.

Benefits For Parents
In today's busy scene where often both the parents are either working or living far away from the institution, personal visits to the institution is really not an easy task. The reporting system in School ERP Suite enables them to have a closer look to their wards performance and will provide a fact based approach to their wards life. And all this from their home or offices. Besides this e-news, polling and forums brings them closer to the institution.
 Know latest about your ward in terms of academics, attendance, fees and even the web site activities online and personalized.
 Get connected to the school effectively and easily.
 Get updated with latest in school with the help of E-news, Image Gallery, newsletters and other facilities.
 Share your knowledge and views with other parents and school with various features like Article and Forums.

Benefits For Management
With the help of the MCP, school management system software has a systematic and easy approach towards maintaining and updating the different aspects of the website. All the management aspects of the institution like the admission process, message broadcasting, notice boards, e-zines publishing are taken into account which not only saves resources but also provides efficiency in working.
 Single Point School Management Software.
 Know latest about your ward in terms of academics, attendance, fees and even the web site activities online and personalized.
 Complete online and offline functionality leaving nothing unturned to bring it as an effective management system
 Achieve global outlook and exposure for the institute and its constituents.


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